Finding The Best Cheap Rabbit Cage To Suit Your Needs

Finding The Best Cheap Rabbit Cage To Suit Your Needs

Rabbits can be gracious pets and you may need to shop around to find the best cheap rabbit cages.

Everyone’s heard of the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend”. This also explains why dogs are one of the most popular pets. However, there are plenty of people out there who are either allergic to dogs, don’t have the space suitable to raise a dog or just prefer a pet that requires less work and maintenance. Usually people go for cats due to their quiet nature and the fact that cats don’t require much maintenance. However, nowadays rabbits are rising in popularity as a house pet.

Rabbits make for the ideal house pet due to several reasons:

  • Domesticated easily: Once litter trained, a rabbit will always use the litter box.
  • Hygiene: Much like cats, rabbits clean themselves several times throughout the day.
  • Crepuscular: Active at the same times as you.
  • Not loud: Rabbits make very soft noises.
  • Affectionate: Rabbits display love and affection in numerous ways.

Safety measures to be taken while raising a rabbit:

  • Any electric cables must be protected as rabbits have an affinity for nibbling through objects.
  • Wooden floors should be covered with plastic guard. Including the undersides of beds, bookshelves, etc. Basically, any object that can be nibbled through and that is within the reach of a rabbit.

The most important part of raising a rabbit is how you plan on keeping it in your house. Is the rabbit free to wander as it pleases, or will you create an enclosure where it has sufficient space to move about but also ensures that it doesn’t hinder your movements around the house?

People who plan on buying cheap rabbit cages need to keep certain things in mind while purchasing said cage:

  • Make sure to purchase a cage with sufficient space; if possible the cage should have two compartments. One compartment should be a safe space to sleep and should be insulated as necessary as well as protected with a mosquito net. Mosquitoes and flies can spread dangerous diseases to rabbits therefore it is imperative to keep them out. The floor of the cage should be covered with newspaper and other bedding material to keep the rabbit warm and comfortable and to ensure that it doesn’t develop pressure sores on its feet.
  • The cage must be cleaned at least once a week and the floor material should be replaced immediately once soiled.
  • Cages should have free air flow and cleaned regularly and thoroughly to prevent build-up of ammonia.
  • Cages shouldn’t be kept in areas that get too hot because rabbits are prone to heat stress which is sometimes fatal.
  • Whilst buying cheap rabbit cages, one must ensure that the cages aren’t flimsy or have sharp edges that may injure the rabbits.
  • Rabbits must be fed a ton of hay. This keeps their teeth worn down to a proper length. They must also be fed leafy vegetables (if possible) including lettuce, kale, parsley etc. Contrary to popular belief, carrots don’t provide much nutrition to rabbits and as such their ingestion must be kept to a minimum.

Rabbits are social animals. It is important to provide them with some sort of companionship. It is always advisable, when buying rabbits, to buy them as a pair or more.

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